My Experience will help you

We are here to bring hope and healing to the broken, wounded, rejected, barren, and abused lives through the word of God, prayer, and mentoring.(Ezekiel 37:3) And He said to me, ”Son of man, can these bones live again”?.

Through experiencing a season of barrenness and going through a lot of different challenges in my life, struggles and tears seem never-ending. My challenges and struggles pushed me off to the edge that I was left with no option than surrendering my life to God and trust him with everything concerning my life.

Now I would like to use my experience as a tool to help those who are going through the same and have lost hope, assure them that the broken pieces can still be put together, and bring out the good plan that God had for them.

I want to give back to the community, and help those who need someone to walk them through whatever challenge there are going through because I know how it feels to be barren, rejected, wounded, and isolated and not have anyone standing with you.

if I have gone through it and come out of it, you can also come out of it. it is through the word of God and prayer that brought my breakthrough; God is still working today, and He is still hearing us when we pray.

Our Services are Available!

Our services are available to any person, couples or singles, that are experiencing miscarriages or failing to conceive; looking to settle in marriage; how to have a good and sound relationship with our in-laws, and couples mentoring. (29 years experience). Our services are available online or in person by appointment and we offer one-on-one classes on certain topics, short courses; Q & A, and prayer sessions.

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Our Values

We value each person as an individual and would like to see them thriving and living their lives to the full potential, as God has purposed them.
We believe every person that is born on earth is born for a purpose and has an assignment.

Our mission

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Your Victory. Our Mission

We will help you to fully understand how to live your purpose and fulfill your assignment which the enemy is trying to steal. Achieving your victory is a mission we desire to get into with you having a passion to raise overcomers!

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