1 Hour Class with Q&A

Are you ready to get started in your journey toward overcoming your challenges?

Maybe, you have tried all you could and gotten stuck at a point where you cannot go further in your pursuit, and at the point of giving up due to what life has thrown to you.

You need someone to share with, you need the burden to be taken off, you need your questions answered, you need to clear your doubts, and you need someone to reassure you, you need.

If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, then 1 hour class with Evangelist Sheilah is for you.

This 1-hour class will give you the strategy and direction you’re seeking to become fruitful in all areas of your life. Whether it be in your relationship, marriage, business, career, etc.

So if you’re ready to get out of that situation, overcome the challenge, and get moving to the desired height where God wants you to be – I’m happy to have you.

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